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About Springbrook National Park Walks

Springbrook national park is a protected national park spread across 6197 hectares located on the McPherson Range, on the Gold Coast, Australia. The National park is one of the four national parks which make up the Gondwana World Heritage-listed destination and is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Springbrook National Park is known for its ancient vegetation dating back 100 million years and the most beautiful trails that can be covered from three hours to three days. The Park has hiking trails for all difficulty levels and you can choose your walk based on your preference. The trails go through many beautiful waterfalls, forests, rock formations, and creeks. One of the most popular trails is the Twin Falls Circuit which can be completed in an hour and the most challenging trail at the Springbrook national park walks is the Kokoda challenge. The challenge takes 15 hours to complete and you will have to trek for 48 kms.

You can also find many animals and birds such as the rare Albert’s Lyrebird Lace monitors, carpet pythons, and also the land mullet. This is a must-visit destination if you love plants and trees as you can find over 1700 species of flowering plants and many trees which are over 3000 years old such as hoop pines, and Antarctic beech.

Springbrook National Park Walks

Warrie Circuit Walk

This Springbrook national park trail is one of the most popular areas for hiking and passes many beautiful waterfalls and a natural bridge. Open throughout the year, this Springbrook national park trail is 12.4 km and is one of the challenging routes which takes 4 hours, and 26 minutes to complete. The trail takes you through a dense forest, beautiful twin falls, rainbow falls, and also Goomoolahra Falls before reaching the destination.

Natural Bridge Walk

One of the easier walks in springbrook national park is the one-kilometer Natural Bridge Walk. You may also take a Springbrook National park tour at night to see the stunning glow worm colony and bent-wing bats. This route takes 16 minutes to complete and takes you through waterfalls, hoop pines, and a stunning rock structure that was formed millions of years ago.

Purlingbrook Falls Trail

Purlingbrook Falls Trail is another Springbrook national park walks that is very popular for hiking and takes one hour and 30 minutes to complete. Start your trek by heading down to the valley and reach the beautiful waterfalls with a stunning view of the Gold coast hinterland. You can then cross the suspension bridge and reach the other side of the falls. You can also hike through the UNESCO world heritage site, the Gondwana rainforest, and admire the beautiful view.

Twin Falls Circuit

One of the family-friendly Springbrook national park walks, this trail can be completed in one hour and 30 minutes and is very popular due to the easy walk through the stunning subtropical rainforest. You can pass through many massive rock formations, birdlife, and waterfalls on your way. The popular starting point for this trek is Tallanbana Picnic Area and is a truly beautiful walk.

Mount Wagawn And Garragoolba lookout

One of the most challenging Springbrook national park walks, this trail is an 8.5 km loop and takes four hours to complete. The route is amazing for hiking and is open throughout the year for people to visit. This trail is located on the state border between New South Wales and Queensland. The trail starts from Numinbah road and you can find the pink tape along the way to help you pass this beautiful trail.

Springbrook Pinnacle Loop

One of the hardest walks in Springbrook national park, is a 14.5 km trail and it takes around 5 hours to complete the trek. This is highly recommended for people who love adventure. The trail takes you through the beautiful lush forest, and rocky pinnacle outcrop to reach your destination. Make sure to wear hiking boots as you will find occasional scrambles and some steep sections.

Blackfellows Falls And Poondhara Falls Via Twin Falls Circuit

One of the best Springbrook national park trails for a diverse walk, the trail is 8 kms and it will take around 2 hours to finish. You can get a chance to go through the rainforest's sheer cliffs, rock formations, and beautiful waterfalls. This trial is also known to be the best introduction for visitors to Springbrook national park. The area for this trail is also UNESCO protected because of its volcanic history, rich biodiverse subtropical and cool temperature.

Mount Cougal

One of the hard Springbrook national park walks is an 8.5 km trail that takes three hours and 10 minutes to complete. It is recommended to go through the base of the cliff and go upwards when you can see a formed track. The track has been home to Yugambeh people for thousands of years and the mountain's twin peaks is a world heritage area. You can pass through Garden of Eden Road which is known to have rare fauna, land mullet, and the world's largest skink. You can witness an amazing view of the Currumbin Valley to Surfers Paradise as you go through this trail.

Waterfall Creek Circuit

One of the most interesting walks in Springbrook national park, the route has multiple terrains such as 4WD paths, goat tracks, creek crossings, and also steep hills. You can enjoy wildlife along the hike and look at black and white cockatoos and also the occasional roo. This trek combines the routes of Waterfall Creek Break, Yuans Break, Red Hill Break, and Tag Album Break and takes 4 hours to complete the 12.7 km loop.

Springbrook National Park Walks FAQs

Which is the best place to hike in Springbrook National Park?

The Warrie Circuit Walk is one of the best Springbrook national park walks as the trail passes through stunning waterfalls, dense forest, and a beautiful natural bridge. You can also enjoy swimming in the beautiful creeks and ponds on the way and take amazing pictures.

What is special about Twin Falls Circuit Trail?

One of the easiest Springbrook national park walks, the Twin Falls Circuit Trail can be completed within an hour. You can get a chance to walk through beautiful subtropical rainforests, and look at massive rock formations and birdlife on your way. The Twin Falls Circuit Trail also has a spectacular view of the Surfer's paradise and an amazing landscape from the top of the trek.

How long is the natural bridge walk?

The natural bride walk is a one-kilometer loop and it normally takes 15-16 minutes to complete the trail. This is one of the most popular treks and you can pass through cave creeks, waterfalls, hoop pines, and many rock formations on the way.

What is the longest trail in Springbrook National Park?

Kokoda Challenge is the longest Springbrook national park Walks which is 48km and it takes 15 hours and 30 minutes to complete. This is also one of the hardest trails in the national park and you can get a chance to go through the beautiful lush green forests and waterfalls.

How to reach Springbrook National Park?

  • By Air: The nearest airport is the Gold coast airport which is 30 km away from the Springbrook National Park. It takes 1 hour and 10 mins to reach your destination from the airport.

  • By bus: There are many buses available directly from the airport. You can take the 760 bus from the Gold coast airport to reach the Springbrook National Park. You can reach the national park in 40-45 minutes by bus.

Can we do camping at Springbrook National Park?


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