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About Springbrook National Park

Located a mere few kilometres towards the south of Brisbane is the Springbrook National Park Gold Coast, a lush and verdant escape from the urban jungles of the city. A part of the Gondwana Rainforest, which is listed in the Shield Volcano Group of the UNESCO World Heritage, the park is also a protected national park in the region. It consists of age-old and rare trees, dense rainforests, panoramic natural views as well as some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Gold Coast. You can embark on Springbrook National Park tour, there is a lot that you can do inside there, from hiking and camping, to marvelling at the different waterfalls or even exploring the walks, among other things. Camping at Springbrook National Park is without doubt one of the best picnic spots and is a perfect place if you want to get away from the hectic and busy life in the city. It is one place that caters to visitors of all types, from wildlife and nature enthusiasts, to adventure junkies, thrill seekers, or even those who are seeking some respite from their everyday lives.It is ranked amongst the best places to visit in the region, the Springbrook National Park Gold Coast also boasts of being the abode of some of the most exotic species of flora as well as fauna. Most of these species you can find in their natural habitat here. The park is also divided into different sections, namely the Mount Cougal Section, Natural Bridge Section and the Springbrook Plateau Section, each of which offer a unique and distinct experience to people visiting the park.

History Of Springbrook National Park

The Springbrook National Park Gold Coast is a protected national park located in Queensland, Australia, on the McPherson Range near Springbrook. Considered to be a part of the Shield Volcano Group of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforest, the park has a varied and rich history, and took many decades to become what it is as of now. It was in the early 1900s, when the first Europeans came to survey the Springbrook Plateau, which was also a hurdle in the way of those wanting to settle or indulge in the timber industry in those times. After the separation of Queensland from New South Wales in 1859, there was a need for a new map which would show the border between the newly formed Australian states. A few years later, in 1863, two of the surveyors of Queensland set out to survey the border along the unexplored terrains of the McPherson and Great Dividing Ranges, all the way to the Dumaresq River. It was during this survey, which lasted from April 1863 to May 1865 that the public, in general, came to know about all the landmarks, trees as well as birds and wildlife that existed in this forested region of Australia, which later on went to become the Springbrook National Park Gold Coast.

Springbrook National Park Trails

There are several Springbrook National Park walks and trails that you can explore during your visit to this national park. Ranging from a few hundred metres in length, all the way to more than 50 kilometres, these trails in the park are filled with natural wonders, from streams and rivulets, to cascading waterfalls in between.

Short Walks

There are many short Springbrook National Park walks that you can explore. These walks take around an hour to a couple of hours, and are perfect even for children, amateur hikers or those who wish to explore the park for a short time. One of the most popular short walks, which is also amongst the most accessible trails, is that of the Natural Bridge, which takes you all the way to the base of a waterfall. Other popular short walks in the park include the Twin Falls Circuit and the Purling Brook Falls Circuit, among others, all of which last around 4 to 6 kilometres.

Longer Hikes

The longer Springbrook National Park walks and hikes are perfect for those who are seeking something more exhilarating during their visit to the park. These hikes last for more than 10 kilometres, and are relatively more strenuous, complete with steep ascents and descents, rugged terrain and other factors, including gushing waterfalls, river creeks as well as rockpools, among others. Some of the popular long hikes in the Springbrook National Park Gold Coast include the Warrie Circuit, the Gold Coast Great Walk and more.

Tips To Visit Springbrook National Park

  • When visiting, or planning a visit to the Springbrook National Park Gold Coast, it is always a must to carry essentials like a flashlight, extra batteries, portable charger, a park map, dry snacks and water, as well as a light jacket and raincoat.
  • It is advised not to feed the animals in the national park, or take any photographs of the same, especially using flashlights.Littering waste inside the park is prohibited, therefore, you must ensure to keep the park premises clean at all times.
  • Due to the presence of several short as well as long trails, it is recommended to choose your walking and hiking routes that are best suited to your physical capabilities.
  • It is also advisable not to walk around or explore the park alone, without any experts or guides, especially at night.
  • When visiting the park, always remember the emergency numbers, which you can use in case of any accident, medical emergency, or other untoward incidents.

Know before You Go At Springbrook National Park

Essential Information - Location: Old School Rd, Springbrook QLD 4213, Australia- Timings: The Springbrook National Park Gold Coast remains open all through the day. - Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Springbrook National Park Gold Coast is between the months of December to March, during the summer and early autumn seasons in the Gold Coast of Australia. This is when there are longer hours of daylight, and pleasant weather in the region, which gives you a chance to explore the park, and even catch sights of floral blooms, a lot of wildlife activity and even migratory birds.

How To ReachSpringbrook National Park is located at a distance of around 30 kilometres from the Gold Coast Airport. To reach the park from the airport:

  • By Bus: You can avail the Line 760 bus to the park, which takes around 45 minutes to an hour.
  • By Taxi/Cab: You can also hire a taxi or rent a car or cab to get to Springbrook National Park from the Gold Coast Airport.

Springbrook National Park FAQs

What is special about Springbrook National Park?

The Springbrook National Park Gold Coast is a part of the coveted Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, which is recognised in the World Heritage-listed areas of UNESCO. It is in this park where you can find flora and vegetation with roots dating back to more than 100 millions years in history. The park also has more than 200 species of rare or threatened flora and fauna, along with some of the last remnants of the Antarctic Beech forest. In addition to enjoying some of the most spectacular vistas of the Canyon Lookout, you can also catch sights of kangaroos and wallabies in the Springbrook National Park.

How many waterfalls are in Springbrook National Park?

There are numerous waterfalls in the Springbrook National Park Gold Coast, located during the many trails inside the park. However, out of all the waterfalls, some of the most famous and spectacular ones include the Purling Brook Falls, the Twin Falls, the Goomoolahra Falls and the Cougal Cascades.

What is the best time to visit Springbrook National Park?

The best time to visit Springbrook National Park is during the summer and autumn season in the region, between December to March. It is during this time that the weather here is cooler, especially owing to the major mountainous terrain here. Additionally, these months are also perfect to enjoy the lush greenery and vibrant flowers, or even catch sights of animals and migratory birds in the park.

How do I get to Springbrook National Park?

The park is located around 100 kilometres to the South of Brisbane, with the Gold Coast Airport being the major airport here. In addition to taking a cab or rental car, you can also avail the Line 760 bus to get to the Springbrook National Park from the airport.

How long is the Springbrook National Park walk?

The Springbrook National Park walk varies between short and long trails, which range anywhere from 300 to 400 metres to more than 50 kilometres. The entire length of the walk in the park ranges around 29 square kilometres.


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