Springbrook National Park Camping

About Springbrook National Park Camping

Located on the iconic Gold Coast hinterland, Springbrook National Park camping is one of the most beautiful locations to explore the Springbrook Plateau and has a very beautiful scenic route. The settlement is the only camping site in Springbrook National Park, and once you set your camp, you can go hiking and look at the beautiful waterfalls, rock formations, and canyons. You can go through the deep forests to reach the mountain top, and look at the beautiful views and arctic beech trees which are living for thousands of years. The Springbrook National Park has a beautiful rainforest and many small creeks and natural cave bridges for you to explore from the camping site.Camping at Springbrook National Park is known to have well-protected grassed areas and a parking spot. You can make use of the camp kitchen on site which has grilling and BBQ facilities. One of the key features is that the camping site is closer to many attractions such as the Purling brook falls, and Canyon Lookout. You can also find a large recreational area with a cricket pitch where you can play games with your friends. There are other facilities such as washrooms, drinking water, and a cooking shelter with free electric barbecues.

Why Experience Springbrook National Park Camping

  • Head over to the only camping location on a scenic route in the Springbrook National Park.
  • Only about an hour from the Gold Coast, the Springbrook National Park camping is very popular if you are looking to escape your busy city life.
  • You can find eleven individual sites along a single road where you can set up a tent and enjoy the beautiful view.
  • The main attraction is the beautiful Purling Brook falls which is just 4km away from the campsite
  • Springbrook National Park campground has grass and gravel pitches for tents, camper trailers, and campervans which makes it ideal for camping.
  • You can enjoy many activities like horse riding and enjoy a picnic with your family and friends.
  • The Spring national park is a haven for bird lovers and you can enjoy looking at over 100 species of birds.
  • The Springbrook National Park has thick greenery of the rainforest, pine trees, and many beautiful rock formations which are picturesque and great photography spots.

Activities Inside Springbrook National Park

It is a perfect getaway if you're looking to escape city life and have an amazing weekend. You can indulge in activities such as Springbrook National Park walks, hiking, BBQ at night, or enjoy horse riding. It has beautiful trails where you can go through many many waterfalls, flora, and fauna and also have a beautiful picnic with your family on a Springbrook National Park tour.

Take A Walking Tour

The Springbrook National Park has a beautiful subtropical rainforest and a gorgeous landscape. The walking trails start from 300 meters to 54 km, and you can choose your trail based on the difficulty level. You can pass through many beautiful waterfalls, natural bridges, and rock formations. If you follow the track of a sealed circuit you can also come across a cave creek with a waterfall plunging from above the cave. There are over 38 nature walks and treks and all of them have different walking trails to choose from. One can look at the beautiful flora and fauna along the way and spot over 100 species of birds in the park along with reptiles like lace monitors, and glossy black skinks among others.


Springbrook National Park camping is without doubt one of the best picnic spots and is a perfect place if you want to get away from the hectic and busy life in the city. You can come here with your complete family and enjoy the camping site and go on a walking tour and enjoy activities like birdwatching. Camping at Springbrook National Park is completely safe as it has many play areas which are designed for kids. If you love grilling, you can have the perfect barbeque night with your friends and family.

Horse Riding

One of the most popular activities at the Springbrook National Park camping is horse riding. There are many forest trails in the Numinbah and Austinville region for horse riding you can enjoy. One can easily find many instructors and guides who will help you with a strategic framework and proper horse riding safety guidelines for your activity. Enjoy the tracks of the beautiful mountain, rainforest, and river scenery on the 2500-acre property of Numinbah Valley in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Spring has one of the best breweries and wineries which you can visit by horse-drawn carriage and enjoy wine and beer tasting.

Know Before You Go For Springbrook National Park Camping

Essential Information And How To Reach

Essential Information

  • Location: Old School Rd, Springbrook QLD 4213, Australia

The best time to go camping at Springbrook National Park is during the months of November to February. Summer is the best time to visit this place as it is away from the coastal area and you can beat the heat and enjoy the cool mountain breeze.

How To Reach

  • By Bus: You can take a bus or train from the Gold Coast station to Springbrook. You can get on bus line 747 to reach Robina town center and then take a cab to reach the Springbrook National Park camping site.

  • By Flight: If you are heading for camping at Springbrook National Park you can take a flight to the Gold Coast and then take a bus or taxi to reach the national park.

  • Electric/fuel barbecue (free of charge)
  • Picnic tables
  • Tent camping
  • Camper trailer camping
  • Tent camping beside the car
  • Short walk to the tent
  • Walking
  • Scenic drive
  • Wheelchair access

Springbrook National Park Camping FAQs

What is the best time to go to Springbrook National Park camping?

The best time to go Springbrook National Park camping is from November to Feb when it's summer in Australia. These months are best for visiting as the weather is chill and pleasant, and you can enjoy it without burning in the heat.

Do we have to book the slot in advance for camping at Springbrook National Park?

Yes, camping at Springbrook National Park is very popular, so it is necessary to book the slot in advance as they might get filled.

Can we cook our own meals at Springbrook National Park camp?

Yes, you can find facilities for BBQ and you can cook in electric/fuel barbecue at the camping site.

Will I get a discount on booking the Springbrook National Park camping online?

Yes, one of the best reasons to book the Springbrook National Park camping online is you can find many offers and discounts. You can also get a chance to choose from different trails and nature walks you would like to go and experience.

Do we have to book Springbrook National Park camping separately for Kids?

No, you do not have to book Springbrook National Park camping separately for kids. The Springbrook National Park camping is very safe for kids and they have a play area designed for children.


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