Springbrook National Park Tours

Springbrook National Park Overview

Springbrook National Park is a part of Gondwana rainforests and a UNESCO Heritage Site, which offers stunning scenery with numerous activities to indulge in, during your visit. The place has been known as one of the last habitats for the endangered southern Ochrosia moorei. The vast spread of exotic flora and fauna can be found here, with many species as old as 3000 years of age.

Experience camping at Springbrook National Park with your loved ones and spend a night away from all the hustle and luxury of the city. As you explore the place you will come across the beautiful waterfalls that are perfect for raw photography. Enjoy the peaceful sound of waterfalls as you walk through the tumbling creeks and cascades of the park, which are known as the significant feature of Springbrook National Park tours.

In your tour of Springbrook National Park you can also try some BBQ or a small picnic, making it a popular attraction for families and friends. The place has been well equipped with picnic tables and other amenities, including washrooms, and wheelchair accessibility. The best way to explore the whole park is while hiking your way through the rugged and serene trails of this amazing rainforest park.

Springbrook National Park Highlights

  • Springbrook National Park tours let you explore lush rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, and exotic and rare flora and fauna of Australia.
  • In the year 1994 the park was officially designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site.
  • Tumbling creeks and cascades of the park are the main features of this National Park.
  • Discover the endangered southern Ochrosia moorei, a very rare flora found only in this region of rainforests.
  • Enjoy an aesthetic hiking trail, which is one of the best ways to explore the whole forest area.
  • It's filled with a variety of local, exotic, and rare plants and animals, which visitors are welcome to explore.
  • In your Springbrook National Park tour, you can also indulge in camping and BBQ activities.
  • Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a family day out surrounded by nature and fresh waterfalls.
  • The amenities of the park include washrooms, wheelchair accessibility and camping caravan, which makes Springbrook National Park tours a must try activity.

Springbrook National Park Tours Options

Springbrook National Park Tours are the best way to explore the lush and well equipped rainforests of Australia. There are various variants from which one can choose and book the best suited tour to Springbrook National Park, where you can experience waterfalls, camping, BBQ, and much more.

Natural Bridge & Springbrook Waterfalls Tour

If you are looking for half day Springbrook National Park tours, then this is the perfect choice for you. Explore five serene waterfalls of the rainforest and immerse yourself in the peaceful sound of water dripping from the small caves of the park. This tour of Springbrook National Park is suitable for small groups and families.

Here you will also be able to explore the Natural Arch and basalt caves, which are millions of years old. Capture the picturesque view of the lush Numinbah Valley, which is home to beautiful green pastures and high-cliffs. You can also witness the magnificent Mount Warning as you go through the raw trails of the forests.

Springbrook National Park Full Day Tour

Springbrook National Park tours offer dense rainforest, local wildlife and plunge waterfalls along with many other activities that can be enjoyed in this one day tour. Start from exploring the Natural Arch, which is a cave and waterfall all in one, offering you a unique experience.

Relish the journey through Twin Falls Circuit or have a small picnic with your family and friends surrounded by the natural beauty of the park. Headed by experts, hike through the beautiful trails of the rainforest, observing the exotic flora and fauna of the park on your full day Springbrook National Park tour.

Springbrook & Tamborine Rainforest Glow Worm Day Tour

This special Springbrook National Park tour offers you a cave filled with magical glowing worms. You will be provided with a documentary on these worms beforehand and on the tour you will also be accompanied by an expert guide.

Visit the Natural Arch, which is known as a Gold Coast hinterland gem, and witness the mesmerizing waterfalls of the rainforest. Set up a picnic with your family or friends and lookout for local wildlife as you cook food around your BBQ setting. Enjoy a peaceful day while hiking through the lush rainforest, or just settle down and camp for the night while enjoying the surreal surroundings.

Springbrook National Park Environment

The best features of your Springbrook National Park tours are the diverse flora and fauna growing in a lush and peaceful environment. You can see many nocturnal animals here during your camping excursion and will have a rare opportunity to witness southern ochrosia Ochrosia moorei. Relax your mind and soul with an amazing one day tour of Springbrook National Park.


In your Springbrook National Park tours, explore the diverse forests that can be divided into five different categories. These include cool and warm temperate rainforests, health plants, subtropical, and open eucalypt forests. All these are categorized on the basis of soil, rainfall, dominant tree species, and location. These sub-forests make a tour of Springbrook National Park exciting and raw. The environment is perfect for growing one of the endangered species known as southern ochrosia Ochrosia moorei, and home to many local wildlife of Australia.


Explore a diverse range of flora in your Springbrook National Park tours and gain knowledge on various species of plants through experts on your visit. There are two temperamental forests, cool and warm, offering a variety of local and exotic flora of Australia. In the Canyon area, warm temperate rainforests are flourishing, offering plants such as Ceratopetalum apetalum, Lophostemon confertus, and many more. On the other hand, the cool temperate offers a perfect climate for Nothofagus moorei, along with plants with age more than 3000 years.


Witness various species of Australian wildlife along in your Springbrook National Park tours and spot these adorable creatures in their natural habitat. If you want to discover nocturnal animals then camping will be one of the best ways to choose as your Springbrook National Park tour option. You will be able to see greyish brushtail possum, reddish, ringtail possum, and many more. The most commonly spotted species of mammals in the rainforest are pademelons, who can appear from nowhere on the trail routes, especially when walking towards Best of All lookout.

Know Before You Book Springbrook National Park Tours

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: Old School Rd, Springbrook QLD 4213, Australia

Timings: 24 hours

Best time to visit: The best time to go for Springbrook National Park tours are during the daytime. During this time you can see the Glow Worms cave with ease and it is also more safe to explore the whole place with small kids. For people with wheelchairs also day time is best, as you will be able to see the routes more clearly during the light.

By RoadThere are a total of four sections from where you can enter and start your

Springbrook National Park Tour-

  • Springbrook Section:Take the Pacific Motorway from Mudgeeraba, which is 24kms away from the park. As you exit on the Pacific Motorway from Mudgeeraba, take the Gold Coast–Springbrook Road and you will reach your destination.
  • National Bridge Section: Take an exit from Pacific Motorway and follow the Nerang–Murwillumbah Road for another 38km. After the drive, turn left and enter the park.
  • Mount Cougal Section: Visitors should take exit from the Gold Coast Highway at Duringan Street and take the Currumbin Creek Road. Drive for around 18kms and you will reach the Cougal Cascades car park and picnic area.
  • Numinbah Section: Follow the Gold Coast–Springbrook Road to the plateau after you take exit 79 from the north or exit 80 from the south from Pacific Motorway. With a right turn follow the Pine Creek Road till the end and then take a left turn towards Nerang–Murwillumbah Road. You will reach your destination, but be careful while driving as the route is scenic and a little tricky with lots of curves.


Do we have to book in advance for Springbrook National Park Tours?

It is not necessary but we recommend you book your Springbrook National Park tours in advance. With online booking you can schedule your tour of Springbrook National Park according to your preferred time slots. You can also get all the important information beforehand about various packages available for the Springbrook National Park tour which makes it easier for you to choose the right type of tour. Get various deals and discounts while booking online from us.

What is the best time to take the Springbrook National Park Tours?

The best time to book your Springbrook National Park tours is during the day time, as you will be able to see the routes and trails more clearly, and will be able to spot various flora and fauna in the light. During the day time you will be able to witness the waterfalls as well as explore the Glow Worms cave in your guided tour.

What makes Springbrook National Park so famous?

The lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls and diverse wildlife makes Springbrook National Park special. The place offers a serene, peaceful and majestic environment with Glow Worms cave, nocturnal animals, and endangered plant species. There are many activities that one can indulge in, from hiking to camping, and picnic to BBQ, everything is available, filled with a calm atmosphere.

How many waterfalls are there in Springbrook National Park?

There are around six different waterfalls attached with old age caves in the Springbrook National Park.

How long is the Springbrook walk?

On an average around 3-4 hours is enough for exploring the Springbrook walk. You will be able to see various flora and fauna around the park along with some waterfalls in your Springbrook National Park tour.


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